Sunday, June 6, 2010

Centro Artesanal los Dominicos

I have tow pictures I want to share with you. Today we had a nice warm day so we went to "Centro Artesanal los Dominicos".

There is a craft market with a lot of jewelry, some wood work, and a lot of birds sold as pets. They had some really beatifull birds, and I took some pictures, but there is something about caged animals that just ruins the picutre.

I specially liked this picture where you can see the entrance of the market with the Andes behind, you can see that there is a lot less snow than in last week's post, this is due to the warm week we had and the lack of rain, still the mountains look beautiful
The other picture I wanted to share with you is this one of this cat that was sleeping on the sun. I really like cats, and this one is really peaceful.

Have a nice week.