Monday, June 21, 2010

Sea lion and other pictures

So yesterday I uploaded the picture I promised but that was not the this weeks pictures, but I was way too tired to try and chose this weeks pictures.

On Sunday we went to the sea and found this series of beautiful cities, the fist one was San Antonio that is second or third ports of Chile. The thing that really fascinated me was the sea lions. They are used to on the rocks next to the fish market.

Here you can see a close up that I managed to take from this sea lion as it was barking, this kind of pictures is one of the reasons why I like my 28-200 so much.

After that we went to Isla Negra to see one of the houses of Pablo Neruda. His house in there is really something, but there is a no photo policy. But down at the beach I found this rock formation being hit by the sea and wanted to share this whit you. It shows some of the might of the Pacific ocean.

Finally when we were heading back to Santiago we got this beautiful sunset while we where on the highway.

See you next week.